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Article from Dirty Laundry: Posted on March 3, 2010

Craig Taylor Shirts

With so many snowstorms here in the Northeast, sometimes you just need a bright pop of color to get through your work day, like this Craig Taylor ruched shirt. I think it goes perfectly with the metallic pointed ballet flats in turquoise. Would you wear this outfit to work? Take my poll below and let me know how you feel about it! Did you know that you can follow my what-to-wear-to-work advice on Twitter?


Recently, I went through a mildewed shoebox of family photos from the 60’s. I landed on all the pictures of our summer vacations in the Hamptons, and the area was rife with inspiration!

There were “Kodak moments” of Mom looking like Jackie O with colorful headscarves and oversized sunglasses, and others of Dad flipping burgers at backyard barbeques. I could almost smell the Coppertone!

I remembered back to the boardwalk at East Hampton’s Main Beach, and taking drives in the Oldsmobile convertible out to Amagansett for lobster rolls. Each snapshot portrayed a relaxed attitude and sense of style of a casually elegant time.

So for Spring 2010, I brought back some of those perfectly preppy looks, from colorful floral button-ups to bold geometric tunics. There’s gobs of pretty color- from aquamarine and deep turquoise to soft coral and bright fuschia.

I hope you enjoy our new looks like “Lifeguard”, “Riptide”, “Saltwater Taffy”, “Pool Party” and “Catch of the Day”, and that they send you back to a 60’s summer day in the Hamptons!

- Craig

Beauty and the Beasts


The partners of Craig Taylor Inc converged on the bayou this week for a destination board meeting and catalog shoot.

Monday we spent the day with our beautiful model Cassi, award-winning photographer Joshua and art director Francois coming up with pretty pictures for our Spring '10 catalog.

Tuesday morning, three of us got out early for a 70-mile ride through the Louisiana countryside before hitting the boardroom.

OK, enough hard work, "Meeting Adjourned!"

Heat Wave


Article from Fashion Around the Mall: Posted on July 13, 2009

Shirt Dress

As the temperature rises, the dress code on the Hill becomes more relaxed. Laura Donahoe, of Van Scoyoc Associates, was seen leaving the Russell Senate Office Building wearing a trendy printed Craig Taylor Inc. shirt dress. Kathy Marshall, interning with the Department of Justice, was found at 1600 Penn wearing hip white pants and a flirty ruffled top, creating a light and breezy feel.

Hong Kong Style

Hong Kong Style

I recently got back from Hong Kong. What a fantastic city!

You have the choice to stay on Hong Kong Island, or you can stay across the bay on the Kowloon side and look at the breathtaking skyline from your dinner table.

The shopping is world-class and a big reason why people come here. The food is also fantastic. Top chefs from around the world set up shop in Hong Kong, and the choice is pretty unlimited- traditional Hong Kong style, dumpling houses, top western or fusion cuisine.

It’s very easy to get from one side to the other using the metro. But at least once you have to take the short Ferry ride across the bay. There are reminders everywhere that this was a British colony. Many locals speak the Queen’s English, and they drive on the other side of the road like in England and the buses are double-deckered. It’s a tropical climate with palm trees, greenery, water, and high rises everywhere.

The Peninsula Hotel is the place to stay on the Kowloon side. Oh yes, they have a fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms waiting outside to whisk you off shopping. There is a wonderful traditional High Tea in the Peninsula lobby, but I prefer the less-known membership club, “China Tee Club” on the Hong Kong side (see the picture).

Craig Taylor Twisted Shirt | That Black Girl Site


Article from That Black Girl Site: Posted on 23 April 2009

Pulp Fiction Twist

There’s nothing like a crisp white shirt to elevate your look effortlessly. I love this look from Craig Taylor ($165) which feels like an upgrade from the traditional wrap shirt. Instead there’s the ‘twist’ —which adds a funky element while it defines the waist. The end result can be professional or sexy casual, take your pick. (Also available in black and espresso for those who have a tendency to spill stuff on their white shirts).

Invest in... A Classic Button-Front Shirt


Article from Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle: Posted on March 05, 2009

Boyfriend Shirt

…Lastly, my favorite shirt is by Craig Taylor. This subtle blue and white shirt is sexy with a capital S. As shown in the picture, it would rock with a belt to cinch the waist or it would look just as sassy with the material flowing as-is. This shirt lives up to its name, “Used To Be His Shirt”-- I love it! The three-quarter sleeve gives it an edgy-classic look that makes me want to keep collecting these amazing stylish shirts.…

Mexican Food Worth the Flight

Cabo at Night

I have been so fortunate that I’ve traveled to so many countries and tried so many restaurants around the world! I am often asked where to go, but I try to never to give recommendations for “my favorite this” or “favorite that”.  There are so many phenomenal ones, how could there be one favorite?

Ok, I’m going out on the limb and I’m going to give you my “favorite restaurant”-  It was referred to me by one of my oldest and best friends Richard Holbrook, famous Product Designer and Mexico-Connoisseur.

So, looking for a little sun and fine-food, it was off to Cabo San Lucas!

The last time I was in Cabo, I was 20 camping on the beach and the place has changed.  Unfortunately, I can’t say for the better.  And unless you stay at a 5-star resort like “Las Palmillas”, it looks like another Spring-break hell-hole by the beach.

But hidden away up a little dirt road, 100 yards from the water is “Edith’s”, my favorite restaurant for fine-Mexican food and ambiance.

Forget what you know about Mexican food like Taco Bell, this is sophisticated fine dining.  The guests all look like they walked off a yacht or the polo grounds or something.  The appetizers are mouth-watering (don’t miss the tortilla soup), and the flame-grilled lobster and filet mignon is out of this world.

So, if you are ever in Cabo, or if I have convinced you enough here, go get your plane tickets.

Designer Vegan Deal: Neiman Marcus Online Promotion


Article from The Professional Vegan: Posted on Feb 17, 2009

Through the GrapevineDance 'Til Dawn

…Craig Taylor's Dance 'Til Dawn Shirt (pictured right): great floral, but not overly-feminine print. I especially like the shade of dark blue as background. I would wear this with a lighter colored suit, possibly a taupe, in the summer. Made from cotton. Originally $215, on sale for $140, the shirt will be $84.

Craig Taylor's Through The Grapevine Shirt (pictured left): I'm loving the sale on Craig Taylor shirts. Again, like the floral print made less-overtly-feminine by the large black and white pattern. I would wear this with a tuxedo-esque black pant suit and the bootie-pumps that are pervasive this (and most likely next) winter season. Made from cotton. Originally $215, on sale for $140, the shirt will be $84…

Fashion Lesson #25: The White Shirt


Article from Fashion Sensei: Posted on October 17, 2008

Pulp Fiction Twist

Craig Taylor Pulp Fiction Twist Shirt

The white shirt is the most versatile and timeless staple in any woman’s closet.  In today’s Fashion Lesson, we will discuss what to look for in this perennial classic and how to get the most for your money.

Are you one of those people who go into a store, try on a shirt, then another, then still another, until you finally find the right fit, not really knowing why a particular shirt looks good? 

Wouldn’t it be great to know what to look for on that next shopping trip?

I’ll let you in on a few secret tips that Fashion Sensei clients already know.

When looking for a new shirt, think of the three F’s.

  1. Fit
  2. Fabric
  3. Finish

The first of my top three tips centers on fit.  To get started, there are a few definitions that we should know when searching for the most flattering garment off the rack.

Collar- The area of fabric that folds over and comes to a point on each end.  The points may come in a wide range of styles including a sharp long point, button down and rounded. The area between the points, is referred to the spread.

Fashion Tips: Some people feel that the wider the spread, the wider you face may look.  I think that these effects can be quite subtle, so check them out for yourself the next time you are trying on a shirt to see if it makes a noticeable difference.

When looking at the points of a collar, think of them as arrows–long points that are vertical, will draw the eye down.  A varsity collar or a collar that points outward, may help to broaden shoulders.  Rounded tips may aid in softening a woman with sharp features.

It sometimes goes without saying, but the higher the collar, the more coverage it provides.  If you have a long neck, a tall collar may put your neck in better proportion.  Tall collars can also hide the sins of aging, such as a wrinkly neck.

Yoke- One of the most important components of a shirt, the yoke is the area between the shoulders that connects the other panels of the shirt together including the arms. 

Placket- The area of the shirt where the garment will be buttoned.  You may find hidden placket shirts where an extra piece of fabric covers the buttons.  

Darts- A method in sewing to taper a garment to your body shape.  When shopping, this may be called “fitted” or “tailored”.

Fabric-  Many of the shirts that you buy off the rack are made from cotton broadcloth or cotton poplin which tends not to wrinkle as easily.  

When handling the garment, you will notice the weave density, weight and texture of the fabric.  Generally, a bargain shirt from a discount store will be lighter weight,  have a bit looser weave and the texture or feel of the fabric may not be as soft.  This has a lot to do with the quality of cotton used and the length of the cotton fibers.  Longer fibers create better shirts, but cost more money.

See through shirts are not always the hallmark of a poor quality garment.  Some designers will create a thin fabric for their shirts in the summer season or for layering purposes.

There are also a wide variety of blended fabrics to choose from.  Some incorporate polyester to reduce wrinkling or add a wrinkle resistant finish to the fabric.  Others, add spandex for added comfort and movement of the garment.

Finish- When examining the final product, be sure to notice the overall construction and finishing touches.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How is each section sewn?  Are the stitches wide or loose?  If so, this shirt will not endure as many washings as its better constructed sister with tighter stitches.
  • Are there loose threads?  This could be a possible sign of poor craftsmenship.
  • Do pieces pucker?  Each panel of the garment should lay flat.  If it puckers on the hanger, it will pucker on you.
  • Is the hem even? 
  • Are the buttons secure?
  • Are the points on the collar even?

Finally, here are a few suggestions in different price ranges to consider the next time you are out shopping.