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During my recent travels, I got the idea to share some of my favorite finds from around the world. The concept was not to design one category of product, but rather to bring to the market great and striking pieces whenever I found things I loved - be it bags, scarves or tribal beads!

For Fall 2011, I'm offering a small range of luxurious scarves I did in collaboration with a renowned mill in Lake Como, Italy. We combed through their archives and found magnificent vintage patterns to coordinate with our Craig Taylor shirts.

The European women know how to work their scarves, and as the inspiration for our Craig Taylor collection is that effortless, yet so well put together woman, we just couldn't resist. The French actually have a name for that look, and it's “L'air de rien”, which
roughly translates to “looks as if it were nothing”. It's classic, and timeless and it never goes out of style.

You have to feel these scarves to experience the luxurious hand, and then effortlessly throw one on, to add some instant chic to your “L'air de rien”.

- Yul Taylor

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