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About Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor, Designer

There are those for whom the term designer seems uniquely suited…Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames – visionary artists working in the name of art, but in the service of life. These are the heroes that peopled Craig Taylor’s precocious childhood, and it is the same philosophy that would earn him accolades in the role of designer in various industries from automobile to architecture to consumer products.

Taylor was born the youngest of three sons to an American architect and Danish fashion model. As a young man, he had all the advantages of a multicultural upbringing, traveling extensively throughout Europe, and enjoying an eclectic home life frequented by artists and musicians. An avid auto enthusiast since boyhood (his mother once claimed that the first word he uttered was “car”) he began his professional life as an automobile designer for Talbot Motorcars in Coventry, England in 1983. During this time, Taylor also got first exposure to British fashion. He began an informal apprenticeship on the weekends with tailors who worked beneath the haberdasheries on London’s famed Jermyn Street. There, he learned the enormous differences between the meticulous construction of bespoke shirts and mass manufacturing. This lesson maintained an imprint in Taylor’s mind.

As an honored recipient of the prestigious Porsche Design Award in 1983, Taylor was recruited by the French automaker Peugeot/Citroën to develop futuristic show cars in an exclusive Paris think-tank. These dream machines combined cutting-edge technology with his predilections for clean, fluid lines and uncluttered simplicity. In addition to designing six “concept-cars”, one of his automobile designs is now in production in Europe.

By 1987, Taylor was ready to apply his design creativity into other channels. He moved from Paris to Miami where he embarked on several new design projects ranging from restaurants to an espresso machine and, most memorably, a racing boat with formula one champion Emerson Fittipaldi. However, there was something that kept intriguing Taylor about the old-world tailoring that led him on his next endeavor…

In 1993, the Craig Taylor collection of women’s shirtings was launched. By 1995, the line had evolved from a series of architecturally-designed white shirts to include dozens of colorful fabrics procured from the finest weavers in Italy, Switzerland and England.

Today, Craig Taylor is truly in his element as he continues to present new techniques in fabric design and construction to maintain his exceptional product development. With each new season, Craig Taylor introduces fresh, new styles and innovative details – modern takes on vintage pieces that he’s culled from Paris flea markets and London vintage clothing stores throughout the years. Craig Taylor is also recognized for utilizing only the most luxurious fabrics in a multitude of textures and patterns ranging from feminine silk prints to crisp, superfine Egyptian cottons. Every season, Taylor works at the mills in Italy to create novel, feminine fabrics that are sexy and striking. Taylor continues to refine the body selections – interpreting his design sense that merges Danish and Asian influences – to include more sleek, modern styles. From loose and fluid to very fitted, Taylor’s main focus is ensuring a shape that flatters every female silhouette.

“To me, art is communication,” says Taylor, “and communication doesn’t occur without an audience.” Notably so, and Craig Taylor’s audience seems to be expanding exponentially.